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david brandon

Six Ways Women Screw Up in the Sack
By Laura Snyder

No matter how many women's magazine articles they read on ways to please a man, many women are still guilty of making these simple sex mistakes. Are you?

Girl Gaffe #1: You've Got Too Many Rules
You'll only make love with the lights off. And then only in one of your three accepted positions. You object to trying most new things with a litany of excuses - "That sounds silly," "You're perverted," or just plain "Ewww." Newsflash: uptight isn't sexy.

Girl Gaffe #2: You're a 'Good' Girl
You'll only admit to half the guys you've really slept with, deny even being tempted to ever cheat, and swear your dating history is full of nothing but deep, meaningful relationships. He knows you're virginal facade isn't any more believable than Britney Spears' and he's tired of the act. Set your wanton sex goddess-self free for both your sakes.

Girl Gaffe #3: You're Self-Conscious
Think you need a perfect body to be a sex symbol? Puh-lease! It's waaay more sexy - and fun - to be with someone who's uninhibited in their less-than-flawless looks than with someone who's a ten, but timid.

Girl Gaffe #4: You're Never In the Mood
Being sexy isn't something you trot out once or twice a week for 20 minutes, it's a round-the-clock attitude. That means cutting out the tired excuses, too. Once you start putting off passion, it becomes habit, so make sure you're infusing your daily routine with plenty of randy thoughts.

Girl Gaffe #5: You're Too Passive
Don't just lie there, manhandle that man! Gentle caresses and tender kisses may be what get you hot, but your guy probably prefers you to get down and dirty to heat him up. He loves that animalistic side of you, so go all out with your lusty lovin'. He's strong enough to take a few nails scratched down his back or nibbles to his neck.

Girl Gaffe #6: You Relinquish Your Right to Climax
Don't consider hitting your passion peak as a lucky bonus, but assume it's going to happen, it's just a matter of when and how. Don't let your inner goody-two-shoes talk you out of having the best time you can.