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Bob Braun LP Discography

Till Death Do Us Part
Decca DL-4339 (1962)
Side One
1. Because Of You (Arthur Hammerstein/Dudley Wilkinson)
2. Till Death Do Us Part
3. How Deep Is The Ocean (Irving Berlin)
4. Wasn’t The Summer Short (Ruth Lyons Newman)
5. Our Anniversary Of Love (Eric Leiser/Mike Hansen)
6. You’ll Never Know (Harry Warren/Mack Gordon)
Side Two
1. The Nearness Of You (Hoagy Carmichael/Ned Washington)
2. Why I Love You (Leonard Joy/Mary Carolyn Davies)
3. When I Fall In Love (Victor Young/Edward Heyman)
4. Is It Right Or Wrong? (Jack Dalton/Mike Hansen)
5. That Certain Something (Sid Bass/Mike Hansen)
6. Just In Time (Betty Comden/Adolph Green/Jule Styne)

Introducing: Bob Braun
Audio Fidelity AFSD-6148 (1965)
Side One
1. Shadows (H Hunter/B Boulanger/D Heard)
2. Think About The Good Old Days (H Hunter/M Barkan)
3. Cincinnati (H Hunter/B Boulanger/D Heard)
4. Lies And Kisses (H Hunter/B Boulanger/D Heard)
5. Everlasting Love (H Hunter/B Boulanger/D Heard)
6. Red Roses For A Blue Lady (S Tepper/RC Bennett)
Side Two
1. Sweet Violets (J Allison/D Dill)
2. I’m Sittin’ Here Rememberin’ (H Hunter/D Dill)
3. My Heart Keeps Holdin’ On (H Hunter/B Boulanger/D Heard)
4. Pretty Little Ramblin’ Rose (H Hunter)
5. Invisible Chains (H Hunter/M Barkan)
6. I Love You More And More Every Day (D Robertson)

Bob Braun Sings
United Artists UAS-6618 (1967)
Side One
1. It’s Only Make Believe (H Jenkins)
2. Making Memories (K Kirsik/E Snyder)
3. I Don’t Want To Be Hurt Anymore (C McCarthy)
4. Sweet Maria (B Kaempfert/H Rehbein/M Gabler)
5. Time, Time (Shuman/Canfora/Baselli/Jourdan)
6. Release Me (E Miller/D Williams/R Yount)
Side Two
1. Serenade Of The Bells (R Fernay/K Twomey/A Goodhart/A Urbano)
2. Now I Know (SJ Gelber/S English/J Last)
3. It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie (B Mayhew)
4. Lady (B Kaempfert/L Kuisk/H Rehbein/C Singleton)
5. He’ll Have To Go (J Allison/A Allison)
6. We Live In Two Different Worlds (F Rose)

Christmas In Your Heart
United Artists UAS-6664 (1968)
Side One
1. Christmas In Your Heart (A Stillman/L Holmes)
2. Everywhere the Bells Are Ringing (R Lyons)
3. Do You Hear What I Hear (N Regney/G Shayne)
4. A Marshmallow World (P Sigman/P DeRosa)
5. Let's Light the Christmas Tree (R Lyons)
Side Two
1. Christmas Lullaby (R Lyons)
2. Winter Wonderland (D Smith/F Bernard)
3. That's What Christmas Means to Me (T Varnick/N Acquaviva)
4. I'll Be Home for Christmas (JK Gannon/W Kent/B Ram)
5. Christmas Medley (P Bennett)

Lonely, Lonely Town
WrayCo WLSP-216 (1972)
Side One
1. Dream On Little Dreamer (Bruch/Crutchfield/Cedarwood)
2. It’s Impossible (Monsanero/Ward Wayne)
3. You Light Up My World (D McKennon)
4. We’ll Be Together Again (Fisher/Lane)
5. Bless Them All (J Hughes/F Lake/A Stillman)
Side Two
1. Lonely, Lonely Town (R Pataky)
2. Café (Bigzzi)
3. He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother (Scott/Russell)
4. Are You Lonesome Tonight (R Turk/L Handman)
5. Sweet Violet (Colien/Green)

Here’s Bob
Queen City QCA LP-347 (1976)
Side One
1. Only Have Eyes For You (H Warren)
2. We Love Each Other (B Killen)
3. Theme From Mahogany (G Masser, G Goffin)
4. Medley: Behind Closed Doors/The Most Beautiful Girl
5. Sweet Caroline (N Diamond)
Side Two
1. I Write The Songs (B Johnston)
2. My Best Friend (M Whitney)
3. Tie A Yellow Ribbon ‘Round The Old Oak Tree (I Levine/LR Brown)
4. Feelings (M Albert)
5. Close To You (Bacharach/David)

Woman Of My Dreams
ANRO 2226 (1982)
Side One
1. There’ll Never Be A Love Song As Beautiful As You (R Bowling/D Wayne)
2. Where Or When (Rogers/hart)
3. All The Things You Are (Hammerstein/Kern)
4. Unforgettable (I Gordon)
Side Two
1. Woman Of My Dreams (G Weiss)
2. The Last Farewell (R Whittaker/RA Webster)
3. I Write The Words (M Gensler)
4. Colors Of My Life (C Coleman/M Stewart)

The Many Moods Of Bob Braun
WrayCo Records WSLP-101 (19??)
Side One
1. Working Man’s Prayer/I Believe
2. To Wait For Love
3. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
4. Let Time Have Its Way
5. Green, Green Grass Of Home
Side Two
1. Make It With You
2. I Believed It All
3. Big Blue Diamond
4. Quiet Snow
5. Anyone Can Move A Mountain

Easy River Ridin’
Applegate LP1 (19??)
Side One
1. Easy River Ridin’ (Shad O’Shea)
2. (You’ve Always Been) My Best Friend (M Whitney)
3. Letter To Cindy (Shad O’Shea/Sonny Flaherty)
4. Memories Are Made Of This (T Gilkyson/F Miller/R Dehr)
5. Daddy, Meet A Man (Shad O’Shea/ Sonny Flaherty)
Side Two
1. What’ll My Darlin’) Daisy Do
2. (Hey Da Da Dow) It’s A Little Thing Called Love (C Edmondson)
3. Woman Child (M Whitney)
4. Without Me (Shad O’Shea)
5. God’s Factory (Shad O’Shea/Sonny Flaherty)